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I am Ahnna Rasch


living your dreams 

I was 14 when I landed my first TV role. I remember being taken by the magic of how you can create a whole new world, no matter where you are. You

want snow in June? You can make it! Midsummer

was played on New Year's Eve, we just changed

the scenery.

That was when I knew I wanted to make films.

Put on a costume and you become a peasant girl, queen, or space explorer. I followed my heart and moved to New York for acting school where I learned how to break down a character, and search deeper. 

After years of training I played various roles on off-off Broadway and films. I spent time in New York, Los Angeles and Stockholm. Just like the changing landscapes of these towns, I transformed myself again and again as I played a wide range of roles including a lawyer, knight, princess, and witch, just to name a few.

"Keep living your dreams" is my motto.

I've always been obessed with reading about native cultures and I currently sit on the board of a

Swedish Heritage group. Period pieces are some of my favorites and I love how donning a corsett or riding a horse can transport us to another era, while bridging lessons of heart and humanity through the art of acting.

I live my dreams through following life and its adventures, and never back down from a challenge. Surprise me!!

After almost 20 years in the US, I now live in the south of Sweden - a perfect location for flexible travels to both London and Copenhagen and the rest of the world...

When I’m not in front of the camera, I spend time with my family and my dogs, perferably out in nature close to the ocean, or designing jewelery in my studio.